Have  You Defined YOUR DAZZLE?
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At your next get together or group event, empower yourself and the women participating to define their own special DAZZLE

This special workshop designed just for women is dynamic, fun, and interactive! With tons of energy  and exercises created to include the participants in defining what makes them unique, and being an active part in helping other women see what makes them unique, all will walk away seeing just how amazing and dazzling they are! 

DARE TO DAZZLE! workshops take women through the following elements of DAZZLE:
  • Understanding what it means to DAZZLE
  • Building of Identity
  • Why We Are Afraid To DAZZLE
  • Messages From Outside
  • Choices From Within
  • Reflections of DAZZLE
  • Breaking Down and Claiming Our Own Personal DAZZLE

For information on  how you can have DARE TO DAZZLE! be a part of your next event, use the contact envelope on the side bar! 

*Please note that workshops can be performed in person or remotely.  Please indicate which mode you are interested in when inquiring! 

*****COMING SOON!*****
Remote Workshops are available for your convenience!

Workshops can come to you, in the comfort of your own home, through the power of  technology.  Workshops can be viewed  in the panes below or through USTREAM. For more information on  Remote workshops, please contact Angie via the contact button to your right!


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