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Spotlight Woman Britt Michaelian

From her smile smile you can see that  Britt Michaelian DAZZLES on the outside.  But from her words, it is clear that she DAZZLES on the inside too.  Britt is a positive and upbeat motivator in online communities as well as in face to face community with friends and clients. Her passion for connection, her affinity for supporting and empowering others, her inspiration and creativity, and her dedication to her family and loved ones make her shine and sparkle in this world. Britt embodies DAZZLE! 

How are you Woman Enough?

This is an interesting question... I am a woman with three daughters, so being a woman is something that I am proud of and that I embrace as a role model for my girls.  Add to this idea, the concept of being "woman enough" and it is about being true to yourself while also giving back to others.  I always tell my daughters that life is not as much about how the world affects you as it is about how you affect the world.  As long as everyone around me is smiling, I think that's enough. 

What does beauty within mean to you?

When someone is beautiful inside, it is because they have a kind heart and a generous soul.  Beauty comes from the love that radiates out of you and the love that you give to your life.  People like Stephen Dimmick (@DailyDimmick) are masters at finding the beauty within women, so for any of you who need help in this arena you can find assistance from people who excel in this area.  They are out there!  

I believe that we all have beauty within, but not all women choose to embrace this beauty as more important than our exterior manifestation of the self.  Who we are inside is who we sit with when we are alone, so if we want to find true happiness and peace, we must come to terms with the beauty within. 

How do you DAZZLE? 

My strengths are in creative thinking and seeing the good in people (although this quality has come back to bite me at times as well).  I am a big connector and collaborator and love coming up with new and innovative ideas.  People inspire me.  And I love to inspire others to follow their dreams.  I have seen clients who have reached heights they never dreamed of, simply because they finally found someone who saw their vision and held them accountable for it.  So, I dazzle by supporting others to manifest their vision.

We can all be dazzling, we just need to face the fear of being amazing and take the steps toward living the life we were born to live.  

More About Britt

Britt Michaelian, M.A. is a social media strategist, artist, radio show host, bestselling author and multi-passionate entrepreneur, currently living in Southern California.

In 2010, as an active social media user and influencer, Britt joined forces with fellow relationship expert and entrepreneur, Dabney Porte, to form Social Media Girlfriends. One of the fastest growing communities in social media, #smgirlfriends is making a positive impact on the world through friendship, support and connection.

Within the first 6 months of launching, Social Media Girlfriends reached over 500 million impressions and almost 10 million people in 22 different countries on Twitter and connected with over a million people on Facebook. This is just one of many communities that Girlfriends Productions, LLC developed while Britt was acting as COO.

In February 2012, Girlfriends Productions launched the very first social television community for the Ricki Lake Show, called Friends of Ricki. The community quickly attracted the attention of the media, social media enthusiasts and a large audience, reaching into the hundreds of millions of impressions and millions of people within just a few weeks. Girlfriends Productions was also awarded the Leading Moms in Business Award by Startup Nation in 2012.

In August 2012, Britt partnered with Maker Studios as a contributor to the Moms View, a Youtube Network with programming for moms and became a Huffington Post contributor. With a tremendous amount of experience founding, leading and participating in online communities, such as 411 Voices, Social Media Girlfriends, Friends of Ricki, Healthy Moms Healthy Babies, The Moms View and more, Britt can often be found speaking, consulting, producing videos and talking social strategy with brands and businesses who are looking to make a big impact in a short amount of time via social networks.

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