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A Woman Enough DAZZLES!

A Woman Enough loves who she is, on the inside and on the outside! She shines bright, sparkles like gemstones, and brings light with her. She has no desire to fit anyone's definition of perfect. Instead, she is strives to be the best that she can be. She has her own spark, her own flare, and she DAZZLES!

What is one thing that makes you DAZZLE?

What does it mean to DAZZLE?

DAZZLE as a stand alone word probably brings to mind similar pictures for each of us. By itself, dazzle brings to mind gemstones, reflective things, shiny bling, and sparkle. It is an attractive word, a fun word, and a word that captures our attention. The actual definition of the word is very similar to the pictures that our mind’s eye sees when we think of dazzle.

Some official definitions of DAZZLE are: 

  • To impress deeply; astonish with delight
  • To shine or reflect brilliantly
  • To excite admiration by brilliance
(thank you Dictionary.com for being my quick reference….)

DAZZLE describes a Woman Enough. But, DAZZLE is a different definition than what a typical dictionary entry might say. Rather than a true definition, it is more of an acronym of adjectives that describe the amazing way that she leaves an impression, shines, and is brilliant in the world.

A Woman Enough is:

Determined – She doesn’t give up, finds a way to get it done, and even in the face of adversity, stays the course.

Audacious – She is bold in her hopes and dreams. She dares to see beyond how others define her.

Zealous – She is passionate, enthusiastic and fervent in her persuits.

Zenithal – She wants to reach the highest point of her potential and the peak of the opportunities before her.

Lovely – She is lovely from the inside out. Her heart, actions, spirit and words demonstrate the beauty that is her essence.

Extraordinary – She puts her best efforts forth, making the most of even the everydayness of life. She takes the ordinary and makes it shine!

Strong – She weathers the storm, carries the world on her shoulders, and is the backbone of her family and relationships – yet maintains grace, empathy, and hope even when the load is heavy.


Define your DAZZLE!

A Woman Enough DAZZLES, yet just like the diamond each woman enough is, each one is different, unique, and faceted in different ways. As a Woman Enough, we all are Determined, Audacious, Zealous, Zenithal, Lovely, Extraordinary, and Strong. However, each Woman Enough can individually define her DAZZLE. Woman Enough Angie, may have a different individual DAZZLE than Woman Enough Carmen, or Woman Enough Joan.

How do you define your DAZZLE*?

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