Friday, August 2, 2013

5 Signs That You Need To Woman Up!

Check yourself - Do you need to Woman Up?

Man Up is generally understood to mean "step into your responsibility and be accountable - take care of business." It is most often associated to men, so when a woman hears it she may be offended that someone is telling her to be more like a man.  The truth is, whether you are a man or a woman, you have a responsibility and accountability to TCB... take care of business. So men, you are expected to "man up".  But ladies, you need to Woman Up!

To Woman Up is to take unselfish ownership, absolute accountability, and mindful/meaningful management of YOU - your thoughts, your actions, your attitude, your life. You may have a good grip on what's going on in your world. If you do, that is fantastic. However, there are some things that will tell you that you need to do some life stewarding and Woman Up.

5 Signs

1.Drama and Calamity
If drama and calamity seem to follow you where ever you go, then you just might need to Woman Up.  Certainly there are things that happen to you that you have no control over.  Good things in life happen, but so do bad things.  But if every turn you make seems to lead to down the same drama filled road, then maybe you need to take a different road.  You can't get to a different destination by using the same map and directions. Many of the things that happen in life are direct consequences to your actions. Be accountable for YOUR part in the strife. Take a look at the maps you follow and find a detour or get a new map. Sometimes to Woman Up, you just need to take a right turn. 

2. Relationship Angst
If every relationship you have seems to have the same stressful and tenuous course, then you might need to Woman Up. To be clear, you are not responsible for any other adult's behavior. With that understood, you are absolutely accountable for the behavior you accept, boundaries you set, and relationship choices and actions that YOU make.  If your relationships (friendships, romantic, business, or otherwise) tend to end up in the same unsatisfying, unproductive or unhappy spot, then you need to Woman Up. You need to take a look at the patterns you take and reasons behind why you make the relational choices you make. And then you need to Woman Up and steer in a different direction - make different choices.  Your relationships will remain the same if you continually relive the "same" relationship choices and actions over and over.

3. The Dreaded 8-Ball
If you are always staring at the backside of the 8-ball, then you might need to Woman Up. It is not a fun experience to feel like you are always playing catch up, are  out of time, running out of steam, and short of resources. It happens to everyone at some point, but if your regular view is from the back of the pack then it is time to take a look at your role in your positioning.  Some things you may not be able to change, but other things you can.  Woman Up and look at wants versus needs; prioritize your time, energy and resources; learn to take your power back over your circumstances and let go of the things that you are allowing to keep you stuck.  Take your power back and move your own position.

4. Crisis Junkie
If you feel and act as if every stress, every change, every problem (whether it is yours or belongs to someone else) becomes a consuming crisis in your life, then you may need to Woman Up.  Be honest with yourself and assess if you are a crisis junkie.  If you notice that you gravitate toward the "sensational" part of a conversation or situation, be conscious to step back and take stock of the entirety of what's going on.  If it truly is a crisis, more specifically YOUR crisis, then deal with it accordingly.  But if a mountain is being made out of a mole hill, only look at the mole hill.  True crisis takes energy to deal with.  Don't waste your strength and stress on crisis that do not belong to you.  Woman-up and manage you. Don't choose to live in crisis mode, don't step into crisis that is not yours, and don't create crisis where there is none.  

5. ICS - I Can't Syndrome
Do you suffer from ICS? When you have a goal you should meet, an opportunity come your way, or a challenge to face, but meet them with the words or attitude of "I Cant!" then you have ICS and you need to Woman Up! Using I can't as a boundary or time management/scheduling tool is a good thing.  When it is used as self limiting talk ( ie: I can't lose weight, I can't step out and take an opportunity, I can't make a change) then you need to Woman Up! I can't is a declaration about your ability when it is used as a justification for not making a move that would ultimately take you to a better place. When you Woman Up you own your strengths, step out and up into your life, and take accountability for the things you can control.  If you say "I can't" then you won't.


Change doesn't always happen immediately. It also doesn't start until the first steps toward it are taken.  Who you are, the steps you take, your actions,  your attitudes, the words you use, and the thoughts you have are fully yours and your responsibility.  They belong to you - if you deny that it is giving your power over you to someone or something other than you.

Woman Up! Live who you are with unselfish ownership, absolute accountability, and mindful and meaningful management. Own it. Account for it. Manage it.