Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Drop the Sand, Grasp the Diamonds.

Do you remember playing in the sand as a child and trying to keep a hand full of the tiny grains in your palm? It had to be gripped so tightly to keep any of it. One loosening of the palm and the sand would all fall out.

Your fears, angers, hurts, are like those grains of sand. When you first encounter them, they are huge like a stone. But eventually the stone disappears and what is left behind is sand. You don't feel the stone anymore, but you still grip the grains of sand in your palms, refusing to release them from your hold. 

The grains aren't easily seen by the rest of the world. An outsider would be none the wiser to the specks of stones that you cling so tightly too, protecting your ownership of them.  They are hidden away for you and only you to know, understand, rely on and hold. 

Even though the sand is gritty, you clench it.  It scratches, irritates and distracts.  Not in a way that shows from the outside - no the grains are covered too well in your hand.  But, on the inside the rough grains wear on you. Perhaps your palm as become calloused from the friction, but you hold them even tighter, ensuring that they won't escape.  You don't want to let go.

There's angst in letting them go. It's often easier to hold on to them because they are something you can go back to, something you can deflect blame to, something you can use as your scape goat when you are not shining your brightest.  It's easier to hold on to something rather than to risk letting them go and have nothing. It's easier than having the responsibility and accountability of searching for something better to replace it. 

But, if you ever want to hold the diamonds of life in your hand, you have to loosen your grip and let the sand fall away. What you will then see in the palm of your hand where the fear, anger and hurt used to be, is brilliance, shine, beauty and the multifaceted creature that you are. When you cling too tightly to the sand, there is room for nothing else.  How incredibly sad would it be to go through life with the only the thing that scratched you in your hand?

Women Enough (and Men Enough): You know there is better, happier, more joyful, more fulfilling, things to grasp to. Things that shine and empower - things that allow you to soar, rather than hold you tethered. All you have to do is drop the sand.

What do you need to let fall away today?
As soon as you have done it, can you see the space left to fill with diamonds? 

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