Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Excuse Me...Your Chip Is Showing

Does that person that always acts like they are the underdog irritate you? Does it ever seem like they carry the world on their shoulders, and everyone around them can feel it? Do you ever realize that you are looking in the mirror and that person is you?

That, my dear Women Enough is a big ole chip on your shoulder. 

There may be many reasons why and ways how that chip got there.  Perhaps there was an injustice done to  you at some point.  Possibly a friend or co-worker was catty and self serving in how they treated you. Lots of situations are rough and hard to handle.  Life can be tough. It throws us all of the makings of gigantic chips everyday.  This is part of living. 

But here's the thing...

Those situations, rumors, hurts, encounters aren't the chip that weighs down.  It doesn't become a chip until we add the last ingredient... attitude. To our great benefit, it is the one ingredient we have complete control over. We may not be able to control what happens around us no matter how we try. Each person and situation is individual. Many of the forces that drive them are out of our own control - except attitude.  

Attitude can be the binding ingredient in creating the chip. It can also be the mortar that binds it to us. If we buy into the drama and judgment, the poor decisions of others towards us, or the general knocks of life as some conspiracy or ill fated destiny, then of course we will construct a chip.  Carry that same assumption and expectation into other situations and relationships and you have a full blown chip glued to your shoulder.

The good news is...

Attitude can also be the lye that breaks down the chip and the solvent that removes it from our shoulders.  Keeping the attitude that others criticisms, unjust behavior, and attitudes towards us do not define who we are (it more defines them), is a force that can obliterate the chip before it has a chance to get very big.  If we walk into new situations choosing not  to assume it will be the same and not assuming that those we encounter are out to get us, then not only does the chip not form, there is also no surface for it to adhere to. 

Some truths about chips....

  • They are not attractive.
  • Everyone sees them and will respond and react accordingly.
  • Keeping the chip doesn't gain us anything - in fact it robs us of joy, energy, and relationship.
  • Thinking that the world is out to get any one of us is well... a bit self-centered.  Not that there won't be those that purposely try to hurt or inadvertently hurt, but we live in a busy world of busy people with out a lot of time to plot against us. 
  • You are in control over that chip.

We are not responsible nor able to knock a chip off any one's shoulder. But, a chip on our shoulder is no one else's responsibility but our own to knock off.  

Do you have a chip that needs to be knocked off your shoulder?
Have you chosen a good attitude today?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dragon By Night

A Maiden hid in the night.

A terrifying sight was in her presence. The thought, the feeling, the essence of this sight made her tremble in fear.  She felt she had nothing to protect her from what was before her but a small splinter of a stick. Her sliver of wood was no match for the fierce dragon that stood on a towering hill overlooking the path that she needed to take.  So she hid, behind a rock in the dark, paralyzed with fear.

As time passed, she grew restless.  She knew she had to get to her destination somehow. Her body ached from the stillness. Her desire to stay unseen was tested by her body's will to move from the prison of the dark. Still afraid she decided to peer out from behind the rock to see of the dragon had moved.  She still grasped in her hand the sliver of the stick.

As she moved her face into the open, she felt the rising sun warming her skin.  It energized her and gave her a clear site of the path.  She looked down at the stick and realized that it was more than a stick - it was a long and strong spear - the darkness had veiled its true character.  Her eyes ran over the length of the path and the outline of the hills.  Surely the dragon had to be there - it was so ominous in the night.  She scanned the scenery, but could not find the beast.  She cautiously left the shelter and captivity of the rock.  Walking to the spot on the hill where the dragon had been, she took a defensive stance, ready to slay the monster when it made its move to take her down.

She stood and waited for the beast as the sun rose. But it never came.  So she sat on the hill to think of her next move.

As she sat, she heard a rustle in the leaves close by.  Startled, she looked to where the sound came from.  Once again trembling, she grabbed her spear ready to thrust it into the heart of the dragon.  She moved in to fight the good fight.  Carefully she fixed her sights to the place of the sound. She looked closer and closer.  The light of day revealed it. Her spear dropped to her side.

Rustling the leaves on the hill where the dragon had been in the night, was a small lizard.  She lowered the blunt end of her spear and moved the lizard out of the way.  She continued along the path, walking freely to her destination.

Woman Enough - don't let fear paralyze you.

Fear plays a healthy role in our lives. It can help us survive, it can motivate us to action and change, and it can force us to take a different course. But when we let it control us, we are truly held captive in the dark.  Bring your fears to the light.  The Dragons of the Night are merely lizards in the light of day.

Do you have dragons that need to be brought to the light?