Friday, September 7, 2012

Resiliency: That Stretchy Super Hero Ain't Got Nothing On Us!

The resiliency of women is unparalleled. Regardless of what we face, we find a way to carry on... because we must. It's in our make up; it's who we are - amazing, beautifully and wonderfully made beings.

It would be wonderful if every day could be full of hearts and flowers and happiness. But we all know that is not reality. The reality is we face challenges - every day in some way. Some are bigger than others, but challenges none the less.  This is not a warm, fuzzy, hearts and flowers filled piece of encouragement - the kind that we would like to see in a perfect world. Instead it is straight forward truth and empowerment - the things that as Women Enough we live out everyday. 

It is a reminder that we are the definition of resilient. 

There is never an argument that men aren't pulled and stressed in life... they are. However, as women we are called upon by nature, by society, and by our own conscience to be continually giving. There is a constant sacrifice of body, mind, and emotion that creates stressors, pressures, and stretching that are seemingly unending. Through it all, we keep going. Knots, kinks, pulls, pushes, compressions, morphing, twisting - we come back from it. It is a testament to our resiliency.  Remember that stretchy super hero guy? We put him to shame.    

We are called upon by nature  to be the bearers and vessels that bring fourth new life.  It is noble and blessed that we have been privileged with the ability for this. However, we literally give of our bodies so that another human can have life and breath.  Our bodies change and and are stressed through the process, but in the miracle of womanness, we return with a vengeance and strength. 

Even if our biological path does not include bearing life, as women our hearts bear  the give, the responsibility and love as we live for others on a daily basis.  Whether children, spouses, friends, community members, women's hearts extend and wrap around those we care for. Our hearts and emotions are special as they are the driving force in how we are in the world.  Often we give far beyond what our hearts can take, but still, even in their breaking, we find the a place to pull even more from.  No matter how much is given or how empty it may feel at times, it returns to the place that is was before - and we carry on. 

We stand up to social expectations and are thrown down again and again. We are hurt, battered and bruised. Still we stand up again. History is full of women who, regardless of persecution and judgment, moved on and carried on.  And even though we may not each be named as a part of a recorded historical moment, in small ways, everyday, we each do the same as we stand up for a friend, a loved one or even ourselves. Our world would not be the same if it weren't for the resiliency of women. 

In the face of illness, we move on and care for. In the stresses of jobs and finance, we move forward and do what we need to do to get the job done. In the expectations of society - having to do it all, having to be it all, and doing it all with some level of perfection, we still maintain a loving heart. The challenges, changes and pressures we face we can probably each identify, but collectively are far too great to name or number. Even in their vastness, they are not stronger than our ability to bounce back.  Pressures and forces have tested us through time. They do not ever win. It is not an easy battle, but we get up. That makes us truly amazing. 

Woman Enough - We still stand. We do it because we have too. It's who we are. Respect, embrace and expect your resilience.

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  1. It's true! I just watched a video on Facebook where an anchorman gets hooked up to a machine to simulate labor, it was hilarious, he was dying! We are so powerful, physically and especially emotionally...women are amazing! I gave you an award, I'm sorry if you received it already!