Friday, September 21, 2012

Curves - The Loveliest Lines

Curve: The loveliest distance between two points. ~Mae West

Mae West was a vixen, a vamp, and a visionary.  She was a woman before her time in actions, in words, and determination.  The world tried but could not tell her who to be.  Society did not chain her into a role.  Censors couldn't hold her back.  She refused to walk the straight line that social convention had laid in front of her.  Instead, she barreled down the path, taking the curves at full speed. We knew her as the silver screen lovely that mesmerized the gentlemen.  She knew herself as a woman with a plan to succeed in a time and place in history that railed against it.

Mae West was a Woman Enough.  She knew who she was. Inner strengths drove her.  Outer strengths defied social expectations of her day.  She embraced her feminine power. Though labeled a seductress by her peers, she knew she was lovely, powerful, capable and strong - curves and all.

We are often judged for our curves - be they actual or metaphorical.  We are told to change to conform. 

Enlarge this curve and shrink that one.  
Toughen up if you're going to play in the big leagues. 
Base your decisions on logic, not emotion.
It's just business.
Cover this but show that.  

It doesn't really matter where the messages come from; they come from everywhere, including each other (and yes... Women Enough, we need to stop that...). What matters is that each one of these messages is trying to pull us from both ends and straighten out the twists, turns and curves of the landscape of who we are. 

But, our femininity is an unstoppable force.

We exist in a world that is complicated, competitive, and requires a certain amount of moxie to navigate. But as women, we have a built in tool that makes us shine. It makes us unique. It contains all we need to simply get the job done, PLUS amazing things that make the job shine. It is a mighty strength. It is a synonym for determination, shine, power, empathy, sympathy, love, fierceness, courage, relationship, emotion, wisdom, gentleness, passion, understanding, and tenacity.  It is the feminine greatness that propels us and our world forward.  It is that power that keeps our world simply from existing in an endless number of seconds ticking on the clock, to a vibrant living experience. The curves of femininity breath beautiful life into the harsh, straight lined world.

In a given amount of space between two points, a curved line covers far more distance, and is a much more interesting route that the straight shot.  The curved line takes the trip from a mere task of movement to a journey. It is the loveliest distance between two points. 

Woman Enough, we were created the lovelier and curvier creature. Embrace the curves of who you are. Own them today. A curve truly is the loveliest distance between two points.  What "curves" will you embrace today?

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