Sunday, July 1, 2012

What Does It Mean To Have It All?

So Many Messages!

There are so many articles, sites, and inspirational memes telling us we can have it all. From social media, to television, to good old fashioned books, someone is always telling us how we can do it better, do it more, and do it to perfection. We can balance this, add that, explore that one more thing. We are constantly told that we can have it all.

Can we have it all?

The general feeling of having it all is being successful in a full time career or business, and active and fulfilling social life, great relationships, the perfect family, a beautiful home, the family dog.... it is the general feeling that you can continue to add to the mix, until you feel complete and happy, and that you will have the time, the energy and the ability to balance it all successfully. If you are managing it all right, you should be able to fit the next thing, the next accomplishment, and the next obligation in with no problem.

Sounds doable - Right?

Having it all shouldn't be that difficult - at least not according to social messages we hear. If we are not or choose not to meet one of the areas above, or if we struggle in one of the areas, the messages we hear make us feel "less than". We feel like we don't have it all. The measure of all becomes a measuring stick that we assess ourselves by. If we can not figure out how to "do" all, we have failed.

But, Who Defines ALL Anyway?

If we let the world define all, we will never reach it. all will be a continually changing goal. A goal that is always moving, may be momentarily attained but will quickly fleet. The world's all will be something that we spend our lifetime chasing and our energy trying to keep.

We Should Define our ALL!

However, if we define our all, that is when we can reach and keep it. If all fits our own picture we can find the balance and contentment. When we measure all to our own yardstick, the feeling of lacking ceases. If our all picture includes all of the social expectations mentioned above, that's great. We can work on achieving contentment with that. If our all includes only part of those expectations, that is great too. The measure of all is where we each individually feel content, not where the world tells us we should feel content.

Truth be told, we can't all give 100% to each and every role we play at each and every moment. We can give 100% to them individually while we are present in them each individually. As women, we each decide where our contentment is and where our all is fulfilled. Each woman's all is unique, it is individual, and it is enough.

As a Woman Enough, you define the "ALL" in having it all. If you let anyone else define it, then your are giving away your power, your choice and your DAZZLE .

Do you feel like you can or do have it all?

If so, why?

If not, why not?

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