Friday, June 8, 2012

The Hawk And The Song Bird

A huge and powerful hawk soared overhead with a treasure in his talons.  He landed on a light post to enjoy the fruits of his labor, squawking and calling with victory and delight.  He confidently and cockily surveyed his hunting grounds, looking proud of what he had conquered.  Little did he know that in his over-confidence, he overlooked what would be nothing less that a formidable opponent, and the interrupter of his meal.

From the south, in all her beauty and all her might flew a little yellow bellied song bird.  Knowing that her territory must remain safe for her nest, she ignored that the hawk was seven times her size with talons and a beak that could end her flight with one contact.  Tenaciously, she began an aerial campaign of diving, fluttering, singing, and badgering.  Even in the midst of the  hawks warning squawks and calls, she continued.  Circling, swooping, chirping - she dove and pecked until her opponent conceded.  The hawk in defeat, gathered his catch in his claws and flew off as the little song bird followed him ensuring that  he wouldn't return.

As women, we face this type of challenge often.  We are in positions where we must go toe to toe with an opponent that is bigger than us.  When looking at the pairings, by all logic and reason the larger opponent would win.  But, there is something in us as women that shatters this logic.  From deep inside us, we find the strength, the courage, and like the little bird, the tenacity to face the challenges.  We stay at it, not without fear, but with a will that outweighs the fear.  As the opponent retreats, we keep a watchful eye to ensure that at least for the moment, it does not return. We do it for ourselves, our families and our relationships.

In moments of doubt and self consciousness, look at those victories. Whatever they may have been, a relationship hurdle, an illness, a job stressor or inequity, a two year old's temper tantrum, our own inner wars - when we come out the other side still standing and knowing that we stand triumphant in result or simply triumphant in character, that is a victory. Remember and call on these for reassurance that  you can stand strong.

When we have gone up against the hawk armed with nothing but our song and our will, we are Woman Enough!


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  2. I'm always armed with a song! :)

    1. :) Our songs are powerful! Thank you for stopping by!