Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Can You Take The Pressure?

Have you ever looked at the sparkle of a diamond and thought about how it got it's shine? It is an amazing process...

About 100 miles below the earth's surface, carbon atoms are under immense pressure and heat in the mantle of this great terrestrial ball. The amount of pressure ( over 435,000 to over 725,000 pounds per square inch *) and the heat the carbon experiences ( 752 - 2192 degrees Fahrenheit *) are intense and overwhelming. But the process yields something of great beauty that remains hidden in the earth- often for millions of years until it is dug out, or is expelled by violent volcanic eruptions and brought to the surface.

Although we understand the numerical value of the heat and the pressure and the temporal value of the number of years that the gems stay hidden in the earth, our brains just can't wrap themselves around what that would actually be like. We think we have no relational or relevant experience to compare to the process of the creation of a diamond. But, in reality, we do.

Our lives are much like those carbon atoms.

In our daily existence as women, we organically undergo incredible pressures and forces. From the biological processes that are specific to us as women, to the relational pressures that we feel, to the weight of the world that we so often carry on our shoulders, who we are is continual metamorphosis impacted by the mass that life places upon us. Friction in the roles we play and the situations in life that we encounter create intense heat in addition to the impact of the of the pressure. We are compressed, warmed and refined - deep inside the mantle of our existence. Often we remain hidden until a force beyond ourselves uncovers the gem we have become - an external encounter that removed the soil and rock from upon us, or an internal combustion that thrust us out into our brilliance. We come from the pressure and heat, emerging as multifaceted, highly valuable, and incredibly strong precious stones. From the compression of life, we emerge as diamonds.

Be grateful for the pressure. 

The moments of life that feel as if they are crushing and burning us, are merely intensifying our shine. It is in those moments that our facets are being cut and our luster is being clarified. A woman who has not been challenged does not shine. A woman who has taken the pressure DAZZLES!

How about you? Can you take the pressure?


  1. Yes yes yes! I must be dazzling...:) I am thinking about how diamonds reflect light off of them....I think that is what we dazzling women do naturally...we reflect light off of ourselves, sharing illumination for others that are walking alongside of us. I am thankful for the experiences I have had that have made me stronger! Going to stop writing now to go cut some glass with my fingernails.....

  2. Wow Angie! Love this! So timely too..its hard to really remember that whatever it is we are going through, will always bring us to a better place and usually, the '"thing" that was keeping us from getting there, is why we went through it. Love the visual you use here...because there is dazzling in all of us...its up to us to let it shine :)

  3. Women posses more skills than what they give credit to themselves. The sad thing is that often times we need to hide our diamond inside us, in order to save the ego of the men in our lives; Or at least that is what a smart housewife would do. But I think a smarter move would be keeping discovering our hidden gifts, becoming stronger, and letting the pressure purify us, without letting our ego overshadow our men. Keep on shining and lighten up the ones around you! One of the many ways to shine as a women could be found at . Enjoy!