Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome to I AM Woman Enough!

Thank you for joining I AM Woman Enough!
As women, we face particular challenges, criticisms, and life experiences as we walk the path of understanding and expressing ourselves in this world.  In this walk, we need to support each other, and extend a hand in understanding and compassion as we make this journey.

I AM Woman Enough is a site dedicated to women to support each other in how they live out the roles, responsibilities, and life experiences that they encounter in Womanhood. From career choices, to parenting choices, each woman's road looks a little bit different.  We need to meet each other with a heart for each other's success, and a willingness to understand every woman's walk.

Check back often for new articles, posts, resources, and fun stuff geared toward creating a community of women that know that they ARE women enough!

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